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Welcome to NZ Hangouts Online

NZ Hangouts Online is a community learning portal to improve your everyday digital skills online from the comfort of your home!

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

NZ Hangouts Online is an initiative of Matakite Online Trust of New Zealand, a registered charity which envisions every Kiwis to be online with confidence and trust. We support and encourage people to use digital technology in their everyday lives…

Hangouts is a friendly and sociable platform offering a whole range of topics to strengthen their confidence into the digital world.  We organise LIVE two-way interactive online sessions delivered by our friendly  industry experts on various topics including:

  • Entertainment
  • Social Media
  • Stay Connected with Friends & Family
  • Popular Mobile Apps
  • Access to various Utility and Government Services
  • Online Banking and Shopping 
  • Popular Devices & Gadgets
  • Staying Safe Online

You need to be registered on NZ Hangouts to join the session or access the offline resources. In the Calendar section you shall find the joining link through which you can join the session. Registering on NZ Hangouts is completely FREE of cost. Simply click here to register. 

Watch the video to get the step by step guide to register. 


Doesn’t matter at which level you are in your digital skills, Hangouts offers support to your learning curve. 

  • Level-1 (some limited knowledge of using some computer or mobile application and device), 
  • Level-2 (considerably confident on using various applications and use multiple devices) or 
  • Level-3 (Can use multiple platforms, devices and applications with ease) 

We provide sessions suiting to your requirements and engage your interests.

Hangouts is a community based peer-to-peer learning platform.  Presenters are working professionals, industry experts, academicians, fellow learner or someone who love to share their experience. At Hangouts, we don’t aim for perfection, we aim for learning experience filled with fun and quench the curiosity. 

We are not a education institute and we do not run a course. These are interesting and intriguing presentations and interactions to keep up with the latest technological trends and get insights into the capabilities of applications and devices. You may choose to attend those sessions which tickle your curiosity bone. It is not mandatory to attend all the sessions.  

No, there will be no examinations that you will need to give. However, there might be some fun quiz to test your understanding and help you to grasp the concepts. The AI (Artificial Intelligence) driven program keeps track of your progress and helps you understand how you have evolved in your digital journey. A few fun badges could be collected based on your milestones achieved. 

Based on your engagement with NZ Hangouts, some cool badges could be collected and shared over the social media to showcase your achievements. This is to encourage people to take up more participation. However, please note that these are not academic recognition or degrees. 

What you need is any internet capable device like a desktop, laptop, tablet or a mobile phone with good internet connection. You can connect from any place in the world to join the LIVE sessions or access the offline resources. We run the sessions on Zoom platform, you can either join the session through Zoom App or connect through the browser (Google Chrome, Microsoft Edge etc.) directly. 

Some of our success stories:

Join today on NZ Hangouts and strengthen your digital skills for FREE!

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